Perhaps I was inspired by all the art we saw yesterday, because when I got home I made a video by pairing a clip I shot Thursday night with a serendipitous musical track. I’ve embedded the video below, but I had to make it smaller to fit my rather narrow template. You’d do better to […]

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I guess the official date is in April but I took my daughter to work yesterday. She was here about five hours, and we had a blast. We always call her daycare “school.” Xy is a teacher and I work at a university, so we all go to school. Actually my girls are both on […]

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Our new camera arrived yesterday afternoon, a Sony DSC-HX5V. This is the first shot, straight out the box, without understanding how anything works. Not bad. So far, I’m quite happy with the camera. It is small, exceedingly easy to use, and the image quality is more than satisfactory. It also has number of “gee whiz” […]

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Dear Persephone, So much has gone on in the past month. Let’s see — the Saints won the Super Bowl. You’re too young to appreciate the significance of that, but you sure enjoyed beating the hell out of that Peyton Manning voodoo doll. Also, you had your first real Mardi Gras. I can’t imagine what […]

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Dear Persephone, It’s your half-birthday today. You’re one and a half years old. Sometime over the past month you made a big transition. You went from hating hats to loving them. A month ago you wouldn’t tolerate a hat on your head. Now you wear a hat most of your waking hours. Your vocabulary continues […]

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