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Twenty-One Months

Dear Persephone,

A lot has sure happened in the last month. Most notably, perhaps, we moved to a new house.

I know moving can be especially tough for kids, but I think you’re still young enough that this didn’t really disturb you at all. You seemed to just accept it. As far as we can tell you’re just as happy here as you were at our old house.

Here’s a picture of you on the front porch.

Seph's New House

Last week was strange. Daycare was closed on Monday because of Tropical Storm Ida. It was closed again Wednesday for Veteran’s Day. And then we kept you home Friday because you were ill. We were worried because of the H1N1 flu virus, but it turned out to be a a common ear infection.

You’re getting very talkative, with a number of polysyllabic words in your vocabulary. Your mother and I and the good folks at daycare may be the only people who can actually understand you, though — and I have to admit that sometimes even I can’t figure out what you’re talking about.

You can’t say the alphabet on your own, but you’re learning to sing along to the classic alphabet song. I’m surprised by how many letters you know. When reading a certain alphabet book, you insist on on stopping when we get to “J is for jump.” You have to get up and try to jump on your own. Usually you need a little help from me. When we get to “L is for laugh” you always burst into laughter. And just tonight you started trying to stand on your head when we get to “U is for upside-down.” Actually the book was pretty much over at that point because you wouldn’t stop trying to stand on your head.

You are very silly and incredibly cute. We are so happy to have you in our lives.

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  1. She looks so grounded. I remember the early baby days when they didn’t know they that the arm and foot and brain were all connected.

    Looks like she has that part of life all figured out.

    One body poised to go into motion.

  2. Tim Tim


    This is so beautiful it almost made me cry. What a treasure this monthly journal will be for Persephone when she is older! These little moments capture the love and care of your home and family. I knew you’d be a great dad. And you are!



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