Dear Persephone, You are fifty-five months old today. In the past month you rode out your first hurricane. When we decided to stay in place for Isaac, my main worry was that you might have some sort of traumatic experience. We had an interesting talk about about the many faces of Gaia. But the only […]

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Dear Persephone, You are four and half years old today. We have continued our tradition, now well-established, of giving away stuff for your half-birthday. This year you didn’t need any explanation; you’ve absorbed the concept from years past. Over the last few weeks you’ve been selecting from amongst your possessions. You filled up a bag, […]

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Dear Persephone, You are fifty-three months old today. Yesterday, technically, but cut me some slack. After our long summer vacation, I finally understand what people mean when they talk about children being “spoiled rotten” by their grandparents. Actually that’s not fair to your grandparents. They are indulgent (I’m looking at you, Susie) but I can’t […]

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Dear Persephone, You are now fifty-two months old. Our family vacation hasn’t allowed much time to sit and write, so in addition to being late, this letter will be abbreviated. One highlight of the past month was your dance recital. Since we live in New Orleans, this was a major outdoor party with food and […]

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Dear Persephone, You are fifty months old today. To celebrate we counted to fifty together. The month got off to a rough start. You had a couple severe meltdowns while playing with friends. You’ve not had big issues with sharing before, so hopefully that was just a phase. We read A Little Princess by Frances […]

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Dear Persephone, You are forty-nine months old today. I thought after your fourth birthday you might slow down, but no. You continue to develop at an astonishing rate. A few weeks ago you drew your first real representational drawing. As a would-be cartoonist and visual artist, I consider this a huge milestone. I know I […]

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Dear Persephone, You are forty-one months old today. You are developing into an amazing person. Here are some indications. Your favorite phrase over the last month is, “I changed my mind.” For example, after much deliberation, you changed your mind about your favorite colors. For at least a year, you’ve maintained that your favorite colors […]

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Dear Persephone, You are three years old today. I just realized that your birthday is exactly five weeks after mine. That means when my birthday falls on Martin Luther King Day, yours falls on Presidents’ Day. I guess that will occur about every seven years or so. One year ago, I was impressed by your […]

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