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Blue & Red

I guess the official date is in April but I took my daughter to work yesterday. She was here about five hours, and we had a blast.

We always call her daycare “school.” Xy is a teacher and I work at a university, so we all go to school. Actually my girls are both on summer vacation now, but I still go to “Dada’s school” every day.

Xy had a teacher meeting yesterday so I decided it would be a good time to bring her on campus with me for a change of pace. We packed a lunch together: carrot, apple, and cheese sandwiches. I pushed her to campus in a stroller, and let me tell you it’s a harrowing experience. Not the most pedestrian-friendly part of town. Did you know the intersection of Palmetto and Carrollton is the busiest in Orleans Parish? But we arrived safely at last.

She got to meet a bunch of people — mostly librarians — and we practiced saying “good morning” in a nice clear voice instead of mumbling shyly. We read seven books from the children’s section. We rode the elevators and climbed the stairs. We ate our lunch in the “tonfrence room” and she decided that she doesn’t like horseradish sauce or Tabasco.

She spotted the John Scott sculpture from the window, which led to a very pleasant walking tour of the quad, plus she learned a new word: sculpture. We looked at a bunch of them.

But her favorite activity, without question, was drawing on the dry-erase board.

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  1. Therese Therese

    I rather fancy Xavier’s children section of the library and the John Scott sculpture. Glad little P had fun taking in both.
    P’s composition of blue and red is very interesting. I like the division of colors and the large curves that contain the smaller jagged lines. Very impressive work!

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