I know I mentioned that some mysterious person gave me a couple hundred bucks after my last bike got stolen, but I don’t think I wrote about what I bought as a replacement. It’s a Globe. I don’t want anyone to think I am posting this as some sort of tribute to the make and […]

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I got my new bike from Adam’s. It was ready about ten days earlier than expected. I’d wanted to get the same bike I’d had before, a Raleigh Venture 5.0. But I guess the factory was out of stock, at least in my size. So I ended up getting the comparable model from the competition: […]

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Nice to have a holiday. I have Maundy Thursday and Good Friday off — an advantage of working at a Catholic institution. It has given me the opportunity to reflect on how close to “normal” our lives have become, despite the devastation that surrounds us. We planned to meet some friends at the recently reopened […]

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Here’s me on my new bicycle: Originally uploaded by Michael Homan It’s a Raleigh Venture 5.0. Extra large Atomic 13 butted aluminum frame, SR suspension fork, Hayes HMX-2 disc brakes. Sweet. I bought it to replace my old bike, which was flooded. (People have told me that my old bike was salvageable. I don’t know […]

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