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Sweet Ride

Here’s me on my new bicycle:


Originally uploaded by Michael Homan

It’s a Raleigh Venture 5.0. Extra large Atomic 13 butted aluminum frame, SR suspension fork, Hayes HMX-2 disc brakes. Sweet. I bought it to replace my old bike, which was flooded.

(People have told me that my old bike was salvageable. I don’t know about that. It sat in salty water for a couple weeks. I gave it a ride around the block, and figured it would never be the same. So I put it on the pile. Xy’s bike too. When I came back the next morning, they were both gone. I guess someone was willing to put in the effort to fix those bikes. More power to ’em, and good luck.)

Got the bike last week. I’ve been riding to work since, which has been a joy, despite the rather depressing surroundings of the flooded neighborhoods of Mid-City and Gert Town. I’ve ridden to work pretty much every day for the last five years or more, and this hurricane business really messed with my routine.

The Culprit

Wednesday I caught my first flat. Ran over a damn nail. I tried patching the tube yesterday morning, but the patches wouldn’t hold. I guess the damage is too severe. I’ll have to replace the tube.

So I’m riding Xy’s new bike instead, a three-speed Sun Drifter. I’m glad she opted for blue rather than pink.

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  1. Jim Hurd Jim Hurd

    Matt Dillon wore a pink shirt in GunSmoke. Glad you fols are able to make the best of trying if interesting situation!

  2. Michael Michael

    I saw the nail in person, and it is much more intimidating in real life than in the digital image. Bart is lucky to be alive, given his fragile nature.

  3. Bryan Bryan

    Nice bike. I’m getting one in a few months (it’s on layaway). How do you like it so far? I’ve been reading some reviews and found that the breaks might be the biggest problem with the bike. Have you found this to be true? Email me if you would like. Thanks!

  4. Boomer Biker Boomer Biker

    Got me the base model in grey…7 Speed, no front deraileur. I don’t live in the rockies and I don’t need to speed, so excuse me if I can’t wipe the smile off of my face after spending a paltry $299 on this bike. The bike is a joy to ride.

  5. Hill and Gully Rider Hill and Gully Rider

    Like to feel the wind in your hair? Want to return to the joy of riding your first bike, without unnecessary weight and unusued add ons? Looking for some exercise, but want it to be fun. The Raleigh Venture is the ticket. Forego the bells and whistles, suspension fork, 21 Speeds…go with the base model venture. The bike is super light, nimble, comfortable, and you will use all 7 gears on each and every trip. This bike is a kick to ride…and you can spend all of the extra cash on gasoline. Better yet, just ride the bike to work…if you live in the city, and do not buy this bike, shame on you.

  6. […] My psychic powers kicked in early this morning, as I was puttering around the house, getting ready to go to work. Some inner voice told me I should check on my bike. I went into the living room and peered out the window onto the front porch. […]

  7. […] I got my new bike from Adam’s. It was ready about ten days earlieer than expected. I’d wanted to get the same bike I’d had before, a Raleigh Venture 5.0. But I guess the factory was out of stock, at least in my size. So I ended up getting the comparable model from the competition: Giant’s Sedona LX. […]

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