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How I Roll

I know I mentioned that some mysterious person gave me a couple hundred bucks after my last bike got stolen, but I don’t think I wrote about what I bought as a replacement.

It’s a Globe.

How I Roll

I don’t want anyone to think I am posting this as some sort of tribute to the make and model, because I most emphatically am not. In fact, it’s been nothing but trouble. The rear wheel kept breaking spokes and finally had to be completely rebuilt. The bike has bad balance: it’s prone to falling over which is not good when you’re carting a toddler around. Fortunately it’s never fallen over with Persephone in the seat. Speaking of which, my model of kid seat (which gets rave reviews wherever I go) does not fit well with this stem and handlebars. And finally I have to mention that the pedals scrape the ground whenever I lean into a curve. I’ve already destroyed one pair of pedals this way.

So all in all I would not buy this bike again. Sorry, Globe. I was much happier with my Raleigh and my Giant.

I bought an Elektra cruiser to get around while the Globe was in the shop with the wheel problem. I chose it because it was the cheapest thing at Bayou Bikes, but I ended up liking it quite a bit and kept riding it even when the Globe was fixed, until I caught a flat. Without a quick release, changing that tube is a pain and I procrastinated for many months. Finally yesterday I got it done, took a ride around the block, and was amazed at how much more I liked it. It rides much lower, which I think is a safety advantage for child-transport purposes. However, it lacks fenders, which are helpful in wet weather. It also lacks a rack, which I use for my side-mounted carryall, another essential on the way to daycare. In short, I like the cruiser, but I’m not quite ready to switch back. I don’t have a good place to keep an extra bike either.

The Globe has been getting us around for a while now so I have to give it a little respect. But the main reason for posting these photos was to showcase the Luxardo Amaro Abano I picked up at Cork & Bottle. I just thought it looked funny in the bottle rack.

How I Roll

And to my mysterious benefactor — thanks again!

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