A Slave to the Dial

Since 1995, this website has served to document my experiences with DialAmerica Marketing, Inc., where I worked as a telemarketer for seven years. I removed and modified some of the content in 2001 when I got a nasty letter from a lawyer. That letter has been analyzed by the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse. The remaining content would appear to be legal. I notified DialAmerica's lawyers in 2002; they didn't ask me to take it down, therefore I assume it's OK. So enjoy.




I wrote these poems while I worked for DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.
I feel they capture the essence of being a telemarketer.
Some are mere doggerel. Others are attempts at serious poetry. I'll let you be the judge of which are which.

I've also written other poems which have nothing to do with telemarketing.

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