a telemarketer's pledge

[not to be confused with another pledge i refuse to take]
i believe in myself becuz i have to.

thru confidence i can earn money.
with money i can launch another career.
my new career will better integrate my life,
more closely combining my contribution to society
and my reward from that society.
i know that full integration is unlikely
-- perhaps impossible.
i am in the money-world,
but not of the money-world.
but i am striving for integrity with both hands,
and if my life is fractured now,
then i will make these cracks
my badge and emblem,
a reminder of my aspiration
and a lesson to myself and others.
i will stay angry at injustice and hypocrisy
becuz that anger fuels my fire.
i will stay happy
becuz joy is a universal truth i can't ignore.
striking a balance is difficult;
life is a juggling act;
when all balls are in the air,
there's no time for a crisis of confidence.

so i believe in myself, becuz i have to.