The Exclamations of the Supervisors

Bart Everson with the first sale of the day!

Excellent work Jeff!
Always make sure the customer hangs up first!

Second efforts!
Second efforts on every call!

Great first hour guys!

Alright guys, get those non-sale closes in!

Thank you Mary!
All right Tom Russell!

Hey guys, in your confirmation,
the part about the credit card is mandatory!
Make sure to get that in there!

All right guys,
be quick with your transitions!

Group two, Nat'l Geo!
Way to go guys!
You're doing awesome!

Credit card sale? All right Chuck!
Chuck Herron with a credit card sale!

Who rang? Go Susie!

All right! Leanne Bissell!
At budget, first week!
Exceeding budget!! Exceeding budget!!

Who's that? Bart Everson in the back row! Back row Bart!

Who was that? Who just rang?
Who was that, I wanna know!

Second efforts!
Second efforts on every call!

Hey guys, let's not hang out in disconnect!
You wanna hang up, put that code in, and move on to the next call!

Who was that?
You gotta raise your hand when you ring your bell!
Pete Hanson, thank you!

It's Christy A! Doing those confirmations word-for-word,
asking for credit card and everything!

Christina is the Southern Living queen today!
Oxmore House just looooves her!

Last call! If you're leaving at two today
make this your last call and make it a sale!

How many did you end up with Tom? 51 !?!
And just for getting 51, you get your time card first!