A Slave to the Dial

Following Up with Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein

Bart Everson
2839 Palmer
New Orleans, LA 70118

April 23, 2002

Karen Artz Ash
90 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Dear Ms. Ash:

One year ago today, I received a rather curt letter from you regarding my website, "A Slave to the Dial," which your client found offensive. I replied immediately and said that I would revise my website and notify you when the changes have been completed. As a show of good faith, I temporarily removed the site from the Internet for the interim period.

I am writing to you today for two reasons.

1) I note your New York address and wish to extend my good wishes and symapthies to your troubled city. I hope that you and your loved ones were not harmed in the events of September 11.

2) I wish to inform you that my website has been revised and is back on-line at http://b.rox.com/dm/

As I mentioned in my previous letter, to which you never replied, I hope that you will work with me to revise the site in a manner that is acceptable to both myself and your client. Please examine the site and let me know what you think as soon as possible.

Bart Everson
cc: Joe Nickell

Note: I never received the courtesy of a reply to this one either.