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Xy = XL

Forty tracks to rock her fortieth birthday (which is today):

(Starts off mellow and ramps up. Contains plenty of my favorite songs by Xy’s favorite bands, and cover versions of her favorite songs, as well as a few topical selections. And buried deep in there is a bit of standup by Patton Oswalt that is not safe to blare out your speakers at work unless your co-workers are very tolerant.)

You might wanna watch this slideshow (full screen, natch) while you’re rocking out.

[tylr-slidr userID=”11018968@N00″ groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]

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  1. HBD, Xy!! You’re entering the best decade ever, IMO.

    Wow, I am impressed with your bd gift to Xy…..I would love something like this!!

  2. David David

    Happy Birthday, K-Pax!

    Is that slideshow consist of every K-Pax photo, or did you edit it? It seems to be endless, though very nice.

  3. bill bill

    Happy Birthday Xy!!!!!!

  4. mominem mominem

    Happy birthday.

  5. Lee Lee

    Happy Birthday XY!

  6. G Bitch G Bitch

    Please pass along—Happy and Joyous Birthday, Xy! The 40s are a reward for survival.

  7. Wow, awesome. Happy Birthday to your lovely wife.

  8. Tony Tony

    Happy birthday Xy! Glad to have seen you guys a few days ago and as always, I have had a special fondness for Xy’s sweetly brazen style of humor.

  9. Therese Therese

    Xy, you are a whole-lot-a magic. Happy Birthday!

  10. General Sin General Sin

    Color me tardy, I can barely remember my own birthday. Wow. Xy is 40. Abbie is starting to ponder colleges. My chest hair is going way gray. Does this mean I’m an adult? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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