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Fun Times at the Cork & Bottle

I went to the local wine shop Friday evening.

The woman behind me in the checkout line offered to sleep with me if I paid for her wine.

When I mentioned that I was married, she said she’d include my wife: “You know, like a threesome.”

But when she learned Xy’s not blond, she retracted the offer.

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  1. Too bad she wasn’t in a higher spot up the ladder in the Winding Goat Path Home process…

    What a hoot!

  2. Anthony Anthony

    Hmmmmm, Cork and Bottle.. eh?

    Did she have a lot of expensive bottles are just some of their specials? Or was she there to pick up some cases?

    Or is this just your oh-so-subtle Cork and Barrel commercial?

    Or an overt display of your sexual prowess?

    Or a wry commentary about the Dionysian aspects of our little culture here?

    But discretion being the better part of whatever, I won’t even ask you if she was cute.

  3. Heh Heh. What’s the Brunette’s mating call? “Has the blond left yet?”

  4. If a brunette dyes her hair blond, it’s a lobotomizing process. Just sayin’… 😉

  5. Seems to be something of a trend!

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