I had my initial consultation with Dr. Swartz today. It looks like I’ll be getting snipped in a couple weeks. Yes, I’m getting a vasectomy, and if that seems like too much information, you’re probably reading the wrong blog. Actually I think talking about the procedure is important. It’s one of the most effective means […]

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The travails of Senator Craig reminded me of a fascinating study I read in 1990 called “Tearoom Trade: A Research Update” by Frederick J. Desroches. It was published in Qualitative Sociology. It’s a follow-up to Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places by Laud Humprheys which apparently is a controversial classic from 1970. There are […]

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All the fretting we’ve been doing lately — me for the last few years, Xy for the last few months — about whether or not to have a child — has an ironic aspect. We have good reason to suspect that one of us may be shooting blanks. Consider: We’ve been married and enjoying conjugal […]

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