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I Got a Golden Letter

We got our “gold letter” from the Road Home today.

The letter states that we did not qualify for any compensation. Or, as they so cleverly phrase it, “your compensation grant was zero.”

This is because they estimate our damage at $34,050.53. Our insurance company paid us $82,294.03. Both these figures are stated in the letter.

Couple interesting things to note:

  1. I think their damage estimate is on the low side. But it does generally bear out my feeling that, unlike so many, our insurance company didn’t screw us.
  2. We did not document our insurance settlement during our initial interview. It’s on my list of documents I need to gather, but I’ve been procrastinating. So they must have contacted our insurer. (Actually I’m not sure of the amount myself, but it sounds about right.) They have it listed as all flood money, but I’m pretty sure that part of that total was from our homeowners policy. A bit odd.

Easy come, easy go. We only applied to the Road Home because Blanco said everyone should. I guess we could appeal their damage estimate, but I doubt we will.

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  1. I’ve had the same experience, however I’m still contesting their determination because their cost estimate is well below market value for construction costs.

    It appears to me that if your value was ore than 50% then you got $125/per square foot. If it was below 50% you get about $0 /per square foot.

    It is as irrational aas most of the rest of the process.

    I hope at least you contest their estimate of the cost of repairs, even if its only sending in the form, since as of January 1, I hear you are entitled to a written response, ssomething we have not yet recieved.

    So far we have not gotten any ‘formal’ response to our (multiple) objections.

  2. mikesmiley mikesmiley

    I have a split level house similar to yours in Broadmoor. Our flood insurance settlement was $55k.

  3. mikesmiley mikesmiley

    Oh, I forgot to mention it’s a rental so my proceeds were all structure. My contents were negligible.

  4. Michael Homan Michael Homan

    Obviously you had at least $82,000 damage. Plus I know you’ve paid more than that. I would certainly check their figures, and officially contest their findings.

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