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A Helpful Hint


Helpful rebuilding hint: If you have any possessions you’d like to keep, remove them from the area before the demolition crew goes to work.

Yeah, most of our stuff downstairs was ruined in the flood, and put to the curb months ago. Those few items not ruined got moved upstairs — except for one or two things, with some sentimental value, which I’d left down there after I finished my initial gutting, for some idiotic reason.

So this morning I spent some time shoveling through the latest pile of debris in front of our house, and I still didn’t find what I was looking for.

Hmm. Maybe I need to revisit that “Stupid B” moniker.

On an even more unpleasant note, we found a dead rat outside our bedroom door this morning. The fact that its hind legs were chewed off suggests that one of our cats got it. I’ve been trying to convince myself that Lucy caught it outside and dragged it in. It’s possible, but it seems unlikely. I imagine all the demolition work downstairs has got all the critters in an uproar.

Dead Rat

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  1. What do you with a rat that has no hind legs?
    Take him out for a drag.

    I’m awful and am going to rodent hell (for this and feeding my ex-boa constrictor).

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