Thanks to my friend Jason Neville for bringing this choice piece of research to my attention: “We put rats in relatively large areas with objects and routes resembling those in Manhattan,” explains Prof. Eilam. The rats, he found, do the same things humans do: They establish a grid system to orient themselves. Using the grid, […]

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I saw something this morning, after I’d opened my eyes but before I put on my glasses. In my blurry vision, it looked like a mouse had just crept into our bedroom and taken up refuge behind the vacuum cleaner. I put on my glasses, and discovered it was not a mouse but a small […]

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Dark thoughts dominate my days. How could it be otherwise, with headlines like these: Man accused of robbing, beating elderly women mistakenly released from jail and New Orleans’ future bleak, historian says and Mom gave teen a gun for revenge slaying and Many residents of New Orleans consider leaving and A culture’s sad finale? And […]

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I was on the local news last night — top of the ten o’clock hour. They pegged it to Nagin’s 100+3 day press conference, citing his quip about commercial blight, and then segueing to our rodent-infested grocery. They shot the interview with me yesterday afternoon. The camera operator (who bravely ventured into the grocery) turns […]

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I put the trash out last night and a rat jumped out of one of the bags as I was carrying it. Shortly after I set the bag on the curb another rat scuttled away. Damn, I hate rats. I got in touch with Claudia Riegel of the New Orleans Mosquito & Termite Control Board […]

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Helpful rebuilding hint: If you have any possessions you’d like to keep, remove them from the area before the demolition crew goes to work. Yeah, most of our stuff downstairs was ruined in the flood, and put to the curb months ago. Those few items not ruined got moved upstairs — except for one or […]

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned anything about our next-door neighbor, Craig. His house was pretty badly damaged by the flood, and he does not plan to return to New Orleans. He’s not sure what he’s going to do with the house, which is only a few feet from ours. He retrieved some belongings in December […]

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Been too busy and too preoccupied to post, so here’s a random grab-bag update. My apologies if this seems somewhat haphazard or disjointed. We continue to chip away at basic clean-up tasks. I bought a pressure washer. The electrician was supposed to show up today, but he didn’t. The insurance company was supposed to call […]

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