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Feeling Better

I was happy that work had begun on our house at long last. But I was also anxious and unsettled for the last couple days. Now I’m feeling better. Much better. Not sure exactly why, but I think it’s a combination of several things.

  1. I found the lost item I was looking for, a picture from my youth. The demolition crew didn’t junk it after all.
  2. They pulled all the lath down, so now the basement is really gutted, and you can really start to see the potential for a nice renovation.
  3. I finally decided to refurbish our existing windows rather than replace them. I believe they are the house’s original windows, so they’ve lasted maybe a hundred years. I would feel like an asshole getting rid of them.
  4. Mike finally gave me a written estimate. It’s very reasonable.
  5. Mark, the carpenter, is getting started today. He’ll be replacing the termite-eaten timbers around our basement, including some fairly major structural elements. Here’s hoping our house doesn’t collapse. I think he knows what he’s doing.


Hmmm… Guess I’ve found something new to worry about.

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  1. Joe Joe

    The chief consideration when remodeling should be your future plans. If you plan to stay in the house several years, it’s worth spending money on the small touches. If not, don’t bother, because buyers never pay for them.

    That’s my 2 cents learned the hard way. Cheers.

  2. Lou C Lou C

    #3. With 100 year old windows, you absolutely made the right choice to refurbish! Congrats! Y’all won’t regret it.

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