The story about our renovation in today’s Times-Picayune is actually the seventh in a series Stephanie Bruno has been writing about us. I haven’t posted some of the previous articles here because they didn’t appear on the website for some strange reason. This one did, so I copied and pasted — only to realize […]

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As abruptly as it began, work on our house is stopping for a while. Mark and Tony, the carpenters, will be working on one of Mike’s houses tomorrow. Hopefully they will be back at our house in a week or two. In the meantime, the plumber might come by to do a little demolition. Mark […]

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The carpenters are going great guns on our house. The termite damage and the rot are more extensive than I realized, so they’re essentially replacing all the supporting wood on the lower level, from top plate to sill and everything in between. (They’ve kept the original sill in some place, actually.) This involves using a […]

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