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How Old Is Our House Anyway?

When we bought our house we were told it was 80-100 years old. One of the papers says it was built in 1922, but I’m not sure I trust that. I did see an aerial photograph of the area from 1927 that appears to show our house, but it’s there’s not enough detail to make a conclusive ID — it could be another structure built at the same location.

I was talking with Mark the Carpenter this morning this morning, and he pointed out that the use of “dimensional lumber” would lead him to date the house to the 1950s. I was in shock. Post-WW2? Really? But that might explain the fact that it’s built on a slab, which I understand only became popular in the post-war era.

Now I’m doubly curious, and I’m going to find out. I’ve gotten some good advice from the preserveneworleans group. Seems I’ll need to make a trip to the Notarial Archives.

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