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  1. dental ben dental ben

    I was curious when I first saw the news…but he didn’t have any earrings. That’s how I knew.

    Was in the hood today…drove by Palmyra and down Banks…reliving the route I took to Charity everyday for two years. Mid-City looks better…still some homes that look untouched…some new ones up for sale and more piles of debris on every block. The most depressing thing was crossing Broad and the smell returning. Walked around Charity and it still has that smell. Depressing.
    Our move to Lord&Taylor
    is going well. 2nd floor, lady’s lingerie

  2. Someone with the name “B Stupid” is just asking to be arrested.

    B Stupid, C Murder – did we miss A Jackass somewhere in the mix?

    “Stupid B” is different, but I like Editor B and B Rox better. At least this way you won’t get taken to the pokey.

  3. 2 2


    LOL!! The whole C Murder situation is just utterly ridiculous. It really shows what a lot of money and a good lawyer can do. Like Balki used to say on Perfect Strangers: “What a country!”

  4. Mamish Mamish

    B Stupid is An Asshole. You, on the other hand, are a scholar and a gentleman. Your blog is the best.

  5. Swamp Nigga Swamp Nigga

    yo lil daddy why yall trynna hate on lil man like dat yall wouldnt be sayin shit ta his face like dat ya dig 1

  6. "G Dawg" "G Dawg"

    Spawp Nigga best shut the fuck up ! i agree wiv Maitri, B stupid should be on deathrow now ! I mite poon iz bitch 2 whilst he locked up jus 2 piss im off, i would say what i think 2 iz face coz e wunt touch me now can you dig that, Sucker !

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