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I got a Blackberry so I could stay in touch with e-mail and web stuff on my recent trip back to New Orleans. It was amazing to me that I could stand on my street in Mid-City — no electricity, no phone — and surf the net. I understand my provider, T-Mobile, was the first to get their services back up and running after Katrina, via portable towers on trucks. In fact, because they kept their New Orleans switch up on the seventh floor, it wasn’t flooded and stayed operational throughout (unlike Sprint’s switch, which was on the first floor).


At first I thought I’d take the Blackberry back to the store before the 14-day trial is up, but it’s proven to be so handy that I think I’ll hold onto it.

Oh, and it’s a phone too. My new number is 812-391-0818. It should work better than our other cell phone, which is in the 504 area code, which is still experiencing problems. I don’t know if that’s a general problem with the area code, or if it’s specific to Verizon, or what.

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