Here’s an example of marital telepathy and a harrowing tale of a narrowly averted information crisis. Yesterday, Xy was doing some work at her classroom, with a little help from our friend James. (It seems someone donated a million dollars of supplies to the schools at the beginning of the year and the administration waited […]

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I ran a screen of partially pre-written posts last week because Xy and I were on vacation. Herewith, a brief memoir of our week in Vero Beach, Florida. We arrived (after driving thru Tropical Storm Barry) at the tail end of a love bug swarm. Supposedly these insects are prolific all along the Gulf Coast, […]

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Everyone says it’s dangerous to talk on the cell phone while driving a car. But what about doing e-mail while riding a bike? I was riding down a fairly deserted stretch of road this morning, and just for kicks I whipped out the crackberry — and sure enough there was a message for me: hi […]

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