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Bike Mail

Everyone says it’s dangerous to talk on the cell phone while driving a car. But what about doing e-mail while riding a bike?

I was riding down a fairly deserted stretch of road this morning, and just for kicks I whipped out the crackberry — and sure enough there was a message for me:

hi roxers,
thanx so much for your wonderful efforts in video info. i am a lifelong (57 yrs)resident of kenosha, wisconsin and i guess i am not typical for someone of my age.
you may ask what does that mean?
it means that most of the people i know probably wouldn’t agree with me that what you roxers do is important. i wish there were more productions available like yours, and that they were accessable to a wider audience. I watch you on FSTV on dishnetwork. keep on thinkin free and changing the world.

No, I didn’t wipe out, but it did kind of blow my mind when I thought of all the tech involved. This guy had seen an episode of our television show via satellite; he visited our website, sent us an e-mail, and seconds later I’m getting it on my phone as I ride down a bumpy, debris-strewn street in New Orleans on my bike.

And what a sweet message. Thanks, Bill.

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