The X stands for ten. Yes, it’s been ten years. Rising Tide X takes place on the 29th of August, 2015, the ten-year anniversary of Katrina’s landfall. Rising Tide started on the first anniversary and the conference has convened every year since. Many Katrina anniversary events are commemorative or memorial in nature. They look back. Rising […]

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It’s time once again for Rising Tide. This will be the ninth iteration of this “conference on the future of New Orleans” which was launched by a bunch of local bloggers and concerned citizens on the first anniversary of Katrina. I think what I like most about this event is its grassroots nature. Even though […]

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For the last several months I’ve been embedded, ensnared, and otherwise entrapped in the planning process for Rising Tide 7. I haven’t actually done any work, but I’ve observed other people doing lots of work, and I’m happy to take credit for their efforts. The poster for Rising Tide 7 riffs on the demise of […]

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I’m actively looking for ways to integrate various aspects of my seemingly disparate interests. Having Rising Tide here on the campus of the university where I work was a major integrative accomplishment for me personally. I don’t mean that it was particularly onerous, because it wasn’t; but it was extremely gratifying. Of course I tend […]

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This just in from Cherri Foytlin, who will be on the Social Media, Social Justice panel at Rising Tide 6 (register now): “thanks to all who attended – please read and share the link” The day before yesterday, on August 4, 2011, one year after the President of our United States stood on national television […]

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The center where I work is co-sponsoring Rising Tide this year. Here’s your official invitation from the conference organizers. Rising Tide NOLA, Inc., will present its 6th Annual New Media Conference centered on the recovery and future of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast on Saturday, August 27th, 2011, 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. at […]

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Sunday night, I made my presentation, “The Role of Blogs in the Rebuilding of New Orleans,” to a special interest group of the AERA. Even though the presentation is over, I’m still playing catch-up here on the blog. And so I come to my fifth and final installment of stories that have emerged in, around, […]

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Rising Tide 2 was a rousing success. I was invigorated and inspired. As Dangerblond says: It got a little bit bigger and, according to the attendees, better this year, but the conference retained the feeling of a conversation among intelligent friends. …and I wholeheartedly agree. There was a party Friday night at Buffa’s, where videos […]

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I will be speaking at Rising Tide II conference this Saturday. I’m on a panel called “Making Civic Sexy,” which is a great title I wish I’d come up with myself. I’ve suggested that the panelists wear lingerie, but I don’t think that’s actually going to happen. Of course there will be a cluster of […]

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