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Psychic Vortex

This ramp-up to the anniversary of Katrina’s landfall is brutal. It’s not bothering me so much personally, but the city as a whole is on edge. There’s some mighty negative energy going around. At least that’s how I’m explaining the recent spiral of bad stuff in my life. In the last month, Xy had a miscarriage, my bike got stolen, our friends across the street got evicted — which resulted in Xy having a big altercation with their landlady — which resulted in us getting a nasty letter from a lawyer. Not to mention the big fire in our neighborhood.

(Incidentally, I’m password-protecting some content that appeared here related to that legal dispute until I can learn more about what the law says. It galls me, but hopefully it’s only temporary. If you need to see it I can give you the password. Or maybe you can guess it!)

Yes, life has sucked lately. I’ll be glad when we get past this time. Meanwhile I’m trying not to get caught up in the negativity by focusing on positive things, like this cute kitten:

Big, Little

And, of course, the Rising Tide conference. See you there!

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  1. bullet bullet

    “but the city as a whole is on edge. There’s some mighty negative energy going around.”

    It does seem like that, doesn’t it? I’m on the north shore and it’s the same here. Weather, personal conflicts, illness flare-ups. Of course, it’s also the end of a very hot summer and that could be contributing, too.

    Then we have #5 possibly on its way to the Gulf making everything just a tad more ominous than it needs to be.

  2. Brenda Helverson Brenda Helverson

    I would like to have the password. I am always surprised when people agree with me and would like to keep up with the thread.

  3. Julie Julie

    Dear Bart & Christy,

    As a child in the 1950’s I lived on Jeff Davis and Iberville. I still remember playing across the street and waiting each Christmas for the city to put up the giant Santa for everyone to enjoy.

    Every day I read your comments from my home in GA and pray that one day your family will be looking back at your time in Mid-City with fond memories also. Please know that there are many of us who are thinking of you and wishing you the very best.

    P.S. — As a 1963 graduate of Warren Easton I am very proud of the efforts of everyone involved in it’s re-opening.

  4. Jeremy Jeremy

    My immediate feeling is that, although I don’t know the content of the letter, that it’s a bluff on the part of the landlord. I imagine she’s used to intimidating her renters with this sort of thing, but I can’t see how they could sue a neighbor especially if the property rented anyway. Where would the damages be? Does she really want to spend the money? Or does she think you’ll not want to spend the money and be more likely to back down quietly like her tenants? Have you thought about the Better Business Bureau?

    (from Chantal: Maybe if she sues you – we can see you on People’s Court.)

  5. My wife and I also have a spotted tubby, er, tabby, named Jelly Roll. Unfortunately she grew into her name (the dessert, not the piano player).

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