My old friend Erik B. wrote this fabulous sonnet about ROX and stuff. In Blooming Town a young man cast his fate A TV show he’d wring from force of will For lighting rigs and soundboards he’d not wait His friends and he demanded not a frill The substance of the thing, aye there’s the […]

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Remember those Brother WP-500 disks I mentioned a while back? I was unable to find a compatible machine to actually read and print the disks myself. My research revealed there were only three models that could read this format. A guy in Britain advised me that they are considered “logically hard-sectored” — whatever than means […]

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Xy had her sixth graders write poetry. They were to write cinquains, somewhat in the style invented by Adelaide Crapsey, but simplified: one word for the first line, two for the second, three, four, then back to the one word for the last line. Here are three examples, which I offer — after some reflection […]

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