Yesterday was a good day. A hearty breakfast at Slim Goodies, a day of cleaning out the house, meeting with the adjuster, and then meeting some friends for a few drinks at the Balcony Bar. I talked on the phone with Xy and she seemed in good spirits, unlike the day before when she was […]

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The amazing thing is that — even after having skipped a night’s sleep, and only getting a regular eight hours last night — I’m not particularly tired tonight. In fact, I feel great. The events of the weekend were uplifting, energizing, rejuvenating. I feel like I’m in a staring match with Death, and I just […]

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For the last several days I’ve been feeling tired, listless, depressed, irritable and grumpy. Not to mention a little morose. I wonder why? Maybe I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Or maybe I haven’t been getting enough exercise. Or maybe I haven’t been eating right. Or maybe I’ve been drinking too much coffee. Or maybe […]

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