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A Change in the Weather

A cold front came through yesterday, pushing rain before it. Now the weather here is distinctly cooler and drier. The oppressive heat and humidity of summer is gone, at least for a little while. Furthermore, we’re over the hump of hurricane season. After the 10th of September, I think, the historical record indicates a dramatic tapering of storm activity. Right now, there are no tropical cyclones in the Atlantic to worry about.

The sense of relief and optimism is almost palpable in New Orleans this morning. Tasks that seemed overwhelming last week now look doable after all. If I can just lay hold of a twelve foot ladder, I think I can unstick my painted-shut windows.

It’s almost enough to make a person forget that Louisiana has had two hurricane disasters in the last month, that tens of thousands of Texans are waiting in need of hurricane relief, that gas prices are setting new records, that the US economy is in terrible shape, that our election campaigns are farcical mockeries of the democratic process, that we’re embroiled in an unnecessary war where innocent civilians are killed almost every day… But nothing can kill my mood with weather like this.

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  1. Depending on how stuck your windows are Harry’s Ace sells a little “saw” sort of contraption that has a blade that sits flat against the sash and allows you to cut the paint in the groove between sash and stops. I believe it’s with the painting equipment…if you find a ladder.

    And it is amazing what the first front can do for your spirits.

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