If you want an idea of how screwed up things are here in New Orleans, consider this. Earlier this week a hotel caught on fire. It’s the Economy Lodge Motel, located right downtown. It took firefighters all night to put the fire out. The hotel hasn’t been operational since the flood. That was eighteen months […]

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A few things that I didn’t post which still stand out in my mind from our recent trip to New Orleans: There were lots of boats scattered around the streets. You’re just driving down the street and you’ll see a boat sitting there. Surreal. A house just half a block from my own was completely […]

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So yesterday a homeless man from Austin had his case against the state of Texas heard before the Supreme Court, and yet none of my friends from Austin have supplied any details, juicy or otherwise. I think this is an important case. It could have far-reaching implications vis-a-vis the separation of church and state. I’m […]

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