By strange coincidence, I found myself watching The Big Chill Friday night. It’s one of those super-famous movies that I’ve just somehow never seen. Alas, when the flick was over and I turned in for the evening, I neglected to leave a trickle of water running, as I’d done Thursday night. This, despite the fact […]

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What started as a mild sore throat ten days ago has moved through various stages. I had some nasal congestion for a while but now that’s gone. The throat got sore and swollen, but that’s gone too. Now I’m left with a cough. This has seemed like a fairly normal progression to me, and I […]

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Again this morning with the non-starting car. I think this is the second time since I wrote about this problem back in January. Plenty of power, but no engine action. We both tried it repeatedly. Xy was about to get a ride to work with our neighbor Debra when she asked me, “Did you try […]

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We left the heater running in the kitchen all night, and it was still 45 degrees in there this morning. Times like these make me wonder if we shouldn’t have installed central heat when we were renovating downstairs. I think we actually had a light freeze last night. I’m glad I’m not among New Orleans’ […]

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The reason I hate winter is days like these. It’s cold. I’m cold. I gather that it dipped down to freezing for an hour or two last night. But that’s the temperature outside — what about the temperature inside? In my home office, as I type this, it’s 63 degrees. And that’s with the heat […]

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Today we’ve got the first really cold weather of the season. This morning as I rode to work it was in the 40s. I wore five layers on my upper body: undershirt, tee shirt, long-sleeved shirt, sweater, sweatshirt. And of course I wore a cap. Two, actually. No long underwear, though, and no coat. I […]

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Cold weather has finally arrived in New Orleans. We have gone from highs in the mid-80s to highs in the upper 60s. I guess this October was the hottest on record. It seems incredible that just two days ago I was sitting around my house in my underwear, totally comfortable. It also seems a little […]

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