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Uncommon Cold

I’m feeling better, though by no means 100%, and I’m back at work today. Ironically, as I’ve gotten over my cold, the weather here’s colder than ever. Yes, a cold front swept through overnight, and it’s mighty chilly in New Orleans. (Strangely enough our car has started without problems despite the recent cold weather.) How cold, you ask? Why it almost hit freezing. But not quite. The official low reading was 33ºF, from 6 to 8:00 AM this morning. Of course, with windchill it was below freezing, and Persephone and I definitely felt it. Fortunately it’s only a short walk from home to daycare. The temperature is climbing slowly now, and we’re only expected to crack 50ºF if we are lucky.

The above ruminations are posted for the benefit of my Midwestern friends and family. This cold snap is taking us below average, but it’s not setting any records. We do have hard freezes here, sometimes. But it’s been a while, and that’s fine by me.

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