Man, I thought the political rhetoric was pretty shrill this season, but last night I got an earful of some conservative AM radio that made my toes curl. This dude called the Democrats “vermin” and said the choice was between “Bush or death.” He also said the American people “fear” Teresa Heinz Kerry. I was […]

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Today I rode in my first Critical Mass. We rode from New Orleans to suburban Metairie where George W. Bush was having a fundraiser. The main chant was: “No more Bush! No more war!” One sign said, “No more presidents.” I agree with those sentiments, but I think a simpler anti-war message might have been […]

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So it looks like gasoline is shaping up to be a big campaign issue. Bush has attacked Kerry for supporting a 50-cent gas tax years ago, even though he never actually voted for it. The Bush campaign is scaremongering, plain and simple. Kerry, far from supporting a gas tax, has been attacking Bush for the […]

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