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Critical Bush

Critical Path

Today I rode in my first Critical Mass. We rode from New Orleans to suburban Metairie where George W. Bush was having a fundraiser.


The main chant was: “No more Bush! No more war!” One sign said, “No more presidents.”

Solidarity with the Iraqi Resistance

I agree with those sentiments, but I think a simpler anti-war message might have been more effective. Bush-bashing just comes off as partisan politics, and it alienates many people who have a strong negative reaction to any disrespect to our president.

Still, some show of resistance is better than nothing. I was proud to be a part of it.

I don’t know if the president was already there or not, but Josh and I left early. I wanted to get back to work. We rode back on the same route we came, but it was blocked off now in preparation for Bush’s motorcade. There were no cars to get in our way. It was kind of spooky. A motorcycle cop told us to ride faster and escorted us to the parish line.

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