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The Only One

I just read a quote in the San Jose Mercury News from Ben Manski, co-chair of the Green Party US, regarding the Green Party convention in Milwaukee next month:

It will be the only convention this summer that actually means anything.

It’s true. After all, Kerry and Bush have their nominations sewed up. But the Green convention will be a real nail-biter. I’m excited to be going. And a little nervous.

The current delegate tally, updated today, is Camejo 103, Cobb 143, Glover 4, Mesplay 9.5, Nader 39.5, Salzman 28, Other 10, None of the Above 61.5, Uncommitted 82.5.

That might make it look like Cobb is winning. But Camejo and Salzman have both been running on “draft Nader” platforms. Add it up that way and Nader is winning. And there’s an awful lot of uncommitted delegates and NOTAs.

Me? I’m one of the ten listed as “Other.” I’m supporting Jonathan D. Farley.

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