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My wrist was hurting this morning, and I was having a sneezing fit, so I took a hydrocodone tablet which was left over from my wisdom tooth debacle back in January.

OK, I’ll admit it: I took the tablet as much for recreational purposes as for these aches and pains.

I rode to work feeling fine, and at the office I felt better than fine — for a while. I tied up a lot of loose ends in the first hour.

Then the nausea began. I ate a sandwich around 9:30, and an apple at 10 o’clock. That helped, but I still felt sick. If I hadn’t had that food I’m sure I would have barfed in my trash can.

After drinking too much, nausea seems to increase if you lie down and close your eyes. But the hydrocodone nausea isn’t like that. I felt worse when trying to read or just look at a computer screen. I felt better when I closed my eyes and lay down on the floor.

So I locked my door and lay on the floor for about an hour. Normally I would have been bored silly, but as it was, I was perfectly content, except for the nausea of course. I was just as happy lying there doing nothing as I was getting lots of stuff done. Another aspect of the opioid buzz.

I almost went home sick, but instead I toughed it out. I thought that would be the mature thing to do. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds from a guy lying on the floor of his office zonked out on painkillers.

By noon I was mostly functional.

Note to self: Do not do this again. Unless you eat a really big breakfast.

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