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My office window lets me gaze upon such marvels as the Big Lots store across the street and the traffic jams on I-10. The view has never been particularly beautiful, and now it’s getting less so. Someone’s putting up a massive billboard next to the interstate.


I think I read about this in the paper last week. I recall a story about a zoning exception being granted for a billboard that didn’t conform to regulations regarding height or proximity or something. I think it was this monster, but I’m not for sure.

My boss said he thought billboards were a thing of the past.

What Will It Be?

I wonder what edifying message will be placed upon this framework? Perhaps it will be an advertisement for daquiris, or a casino, or a car dealership. The possibilities are limitless.

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  1. Michael Duplantier Michael Duplantier

    Yep, it is a monster, and you can think the city council for this new defacement of the New Orleans skyline. The Planning Commission always votes no, and the Council almost always overrules them. The zoning ordinance was written to specially discourage this visual clutter, but then the council often views the zoning ordinance as a mere speed bump.

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