I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on “Media, Communication and Community: Private and Public Interests in Rebuilding New Orleans” this Wednesday night. It’s sponsored by the Xavier University Communications Department and it’s open to the general public. More info. Next week, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion on “New Media and Community Activism in […]

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I see Slashdot is celebrating its tenth anniversary. That gave me pause to reflect on an artifact from my life ten years ago, which for various reasons I’ve been re-reading recently. It’s called Stone Cold 97, and I suppose you could say it was my first foray into blogging. Actually it was a collaboration between […]

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I participated today in a panel discussion at Loyola, sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. Kind of funny, given that I am not a professional journalist. The topic: “Online User Comments and its impact on news coverage, news Web sites and freedom of speech.” My fellow participants were all involved in one way or […]

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Somehow when I wasn’t looking, this blog made it to the rank of Crawly Amphibian in TTLB Ecosystem. Thanks for all the links, folks. I’m sure I got a (totally unexpected) boost from being listed amongst the 2K Bloggers. However, I note I’m still far behind Library Chronicles. Is there no justice?

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Funny, I started this weblog with the notion of recording a true journal of my real life. But as I’ve gained a readership and some people (however few) are actually paying attention to what I write here, I find myself more constrained. Case in point: I’ve just gotten back to New Orleans after a week-long […]

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After a week of delays and two whole days wasted on tech support calls, I was finally online. I was ready to write a damning invective criticizing Apple and an encomium praising the Computer Shoppe. I pointed my browser to my blog, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a notice: Your account […]

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I’ve been wondering how many people read any given post on this blog. (My web stats say this site averages between 200 and 300 visits per day, but of course that doesn’t indicate how many people really read any given post. I’m guessing it’s more like twenty, total. If that.) So do me a favor […]

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The university where I work is located on the edge of a neighborhood called Gert Town. Back when I lived Uptown, I used to ride my bike through Gert Town every day. Some people said I was crazy to do this. Gert Town is an economically depressed neighborhood populated almost exclusively by African Americans. I […]

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Wow. Mark Pilgrim seems to be giving up the blogging life. The final terse post came yesterday, and today his Atom feed returns a 410 Gone. Mark’s blog, dive into mark, was the first blog I ever made a habit of reading. He displayed an acerbic wit even when addressing to dry topics like character […]

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