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  1. Thanks for the link. I personally find Chartreuse’s experiment – I would credit him with that – very interesting and I hope that we’ll make a resource that covers his teams’ investigations thoroughly, but also helps people learn about what New Orleans-area bloggers have been doing over the past year.

  2. If you can’t B something nice, don’t B anything at all.

    But actually I think I’m being more diplomatic than nice. I said this project is “intersting,” but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good or noble. Unlike many other NOLA bloggers, I’m inclined to suspend judgment and see what these folks actually produce.

    But I don’t begrudge my fellow local bloggers the hostility. Maybe we can play “good cop/bad cop.”

  3. Fair enough. Judge the blog by its content. Since we plan to include all the opinions of New Orleans-area bloggers that we can, I’m confident that most will end up finding it useful. But time will tell. Thanks for being clear and careful in your words.

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