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I’m Back

Funny, I started this weblog with the notion of recording a true journal of my real life. But as I’ve gained a readership and some people (however few) are actually paying attention to what I write here, I find myself more constrained. Case in point: I’ve just gotten back to New Orleans after a week-long visit to Boston. I purposely didn’t post about the trip. I didn’t want to advertise that I was away from home. I didn’t want the world at large to know that Xy was here alone. I’m happy to report that she survived without me. There was a burglary, but it was across the street. As for my trip, I hope to write more soon. Now I should go to bed. I’ve got a hike coming up in a few hours.

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  1. rickngentily rickngentily

    welcome home cuz. get some shut eye.

    wake up. .. get a cup of joe… dig this cool weather….

    take another day off…….

    o.k. man……. time to slay these g.d. dragons.

    gentilly loves mid-city brah.

  2. Carmen Carmen

    Um. I’m not paying attention overly much to what you write here, I just have my filters set to catch certain topics of interest to me. So I can remind you, you did mention this trip, even though it was a while ago.

    Now, having been both stalked and cyberstalked in my careers, I have to tell you, either relax or be more alert in your protectionism. The kind of person you fear would have only needed that first alert a month ago to register trouble for you. The good news is, most people are not stalkers, and exposing your activity in this case (having previously done so) may have even given others the incentive to check on and support Xy. Because it’s those without ill intent that tend to forget where you’re going, or when. The rest of us have lives of our own we’re buried underneath. 😉

  3. It’s why I don’t post any pics of the little guy on my blog. Or mention his name. Anyone who knows us will figure it out. Anyone who doesn’t doesn’t need to get exact names to get the idea of what I’m trying to say.

  4. Julie Julie

    Like Carmen, I remember reading about the upcoming trip and thinking how dangerous it would be to have XY remain in the house alone.

  5. You’re wise to be careful. i know you have lots more lurkers than you have commenters. Post as you can – it’s always interesting. Glad that Xy is safe.

  6. Welcome back I really like Boston.

    Remember that blogging is an asynchronous activity. Your impressions of Boston can be saved until you get back.

    I personally I have 45+ Posts started as much as a year ago waiting on my attention. Some will never see the light of day. A few have briefly appeared only to be recalled and may yet reappear.

  7. Aaron Aaron

    christ, you say “lurker” like its a bad thing….maybe just a bored denizen of new orleans who find the guy’s writing to be half-way intelligent. and, no, i don’t read the postings close enough to pick up on the silly comings and goings of the author. like most people, i assume, i’m much more interested in the content, which usually concerns the general state of mid-city–a neighborhood that we all cherish.

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