I’ve been wanting to visit a podiatrist, but I am daunted from seeking healthcare, daunted by my insurer. Humana refuses to thoroughly update their database of “approved” physicians to reflect the reality of post-Katrina New Orleans. This may come as a shock but after the floods of ’05 many doctors simply ain’t there no more. […]

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I shaved my head seven months ago: And then I shaved my beard into a goatee, and of course most of the time I still wear my hornrim glasses, which gets me back to looking like this icon of myself that I created in 1995 or so: And so I braced myself for the inevitable […]

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I got my first haircut since Katrina today, at a little barbershop in the Seventh Ward called Unifiers Soul Brothers Hair Styling. The artwork in front of the place was wild, and I knew I had to patronize this establishment. The barber was a man named Mr. Percy. He was wearing a Santa hat and […]

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July 7th, 2000. That’s when I had my driver’s license photo taken. I weighed 200 pounds and I was letting my hair grow out. It wasn’t pretty. My license expired in January. I tried to renew it in April and failed. But I didn’t give up. I persevered. I had to lie and cheat. I […]

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