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I got my hair cut today. The barber has let a sketch artist set up a table in front of his shop. He’ll make a sketch of you for $5.00. This seems odd because there’s not much foot traffic at that location. Anyway, the entire time he was cutting my hair the barber was explaining to the artist that, “No, you can’t bring your baby sister here with you all day. This is a place of business. It’s not a babysitting place. Anything could happen. I’m not saying anything will happen, but I just don’t want to take that chance.”

I guess the new Harry Potter movie is opening today. Our administrative assistant is excited. She has her robe and wand and uniform and everything she needs to watch the movie in full costume.

I’m pissed off at Where Y’at. I was leafing through their latest issue Wednesday morning and I saw that Jonathan Richman was playing at One Eyed Jacks Thursday night. Xy and I made plans to go. But on Thursday, when I checked the Web, I found out that Jonathan actually played there Wednesday night. What a fucking pisser. This is the second time Where Y’at has screwed me. Three years ago they published an incorrect parade map that made me miss Zulu.

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