Today marks five years that I’ve been working at the University. That means it’s also been five years (plus a few weeks) since I moved to New Orleans.

Somehow that seems significant, mainly because I am human, and humans normally have five fingers on a hand, which is why we use base ten, which is why a decade is ten years. Five years is exactly half of a decade, which is why five years seems significant.

But I digress.

These last five years have been pretty good, I guess. I’m trying to imagine where I’ll be five years from now. I’ll be 42. Bush will no longer be president. Other than that, little is certain. I imagine myself still living in New Orleans, still working at the University, still hanging with Xy, still producing ROX.

When you put it that way, life just doesn’t sound very exciting. But there are bound to be plenty of surprises too. And if things get too boring, I’ll just have to start some trouble.

Today is also the official start of hurricane season.

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