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IFBD 2010


Every year I exhort people to listen to the stirring inspirational lyrics penned by Dr. Paul of the Troublemakers for their famous anthem. But many people never do. So this year, I thought I’d transcribe them. I don’t believe these were available anywhere on the internet — until now. Maybe this will help people get the message.

We might get arrested we might get spit on
So here is a song to explain our point of view
We’ll explain why it so thrills us to see
All those colorful flags being set on fire

On the fourth of July we declare our independence
Independence from the greatest evil around
That is the evil of nationalism
It separates us and crushes us down

Flag-Burning Day, Flag-Burning Day
Burning the scourge of nationalism away
Flag-Burning Day, Flag-Burning Day
Happy International Flag-Burning Day

We burn the stars and the stripes and the map’ leaf
The Palestinian and Israeli flags
The hammer and the sickle and the lone star of Texas
We love to dance around those smoldering rags

Flag-Burning Day, Flag-Burning Day
Burning those hateful borders away
Flag-Burning Day, Flag-Burning Day
Happy International Flag-Burning Day

We declare that we are citizens of the whole world
Don’t pay no respect to no borders or armies
Because patriotism is the flip side of racism
Why we any better just because of where we’re born

Listen, then buy. This might be a good time to review your IFBD tips. Any questions?

Photo by Todd Ehlers. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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  1. I just ordered the CD – but is there a way I can post that great flag burning song on Facebook tonight?

    Flag burning… it’s been a long time since I did any flag burning. Thanks for posting.

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