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New School

We switched daycares today. Herewith, a mix of some classic New School hip-hop.

(Funny how the New School sounds old yet still fresh at the same time. Most of these tracks came out over twenty years ago.)

Anyway, it’s not that we were exactly dissatisfied with the old daycare. In fact, we felt a lot of love there, and it was a hard to leave. But the new daycare is a Class A facility, rather than Class B. That means they supply a full meal plan. They actually have a chef on staff who uses all local, organic and vegetarian ingredients. And the kicker: It’s the same price. Given the importance of good nutrition, especially for kids with an elevated blood lead level, the decision to switch pretty much made itself.

But it was still sad to say goodbye to the old place yesterday. I get an even more pronounced sense of wistfulness when I contemplate the sale of our house. (Update: Upon close inspection all three offers received yesterday were in the same ballpark, a $5K spread. We didn’t go for the money; on my friend John Byrne’s advice we chose the offer that looked to have the best chance of actually closing. We made a counter offer, they made a counter-counter, and we accepted. Now the inspections begin.) It’s hard to let go of the past, sometimes, but we’re hoping for a slightly better future.

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