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Looking for Work

Xy is officially looking for work. She’s been teaching over in Algiers for six years, pretty much continuously, with a little interruption for that storm we had a few years ago. However, the principal that inspired her so much retired a while ago, and she’s decided she’d like to work on this side of the river. Personally, I’m about ready for Xy to quit teaching entirely and find some line of work that is less stressful, maybe something in the educational field but not on the front lines. But teaching is what she knows and what she’s actively seeking. She’s been teaching 6th grade science for a while, plus reading, but in her career she’s taught a number of different grade levels and subjects. She’s got a natural rapport with kids, works hard, and thrives under progressive leadership. Also she’s become quite handy with an interactive whiteboard and blends technology into her teaching in a way that’s impressive to me. I mention all this because the best jobs are usually found through word of mouth. If you know of any opportunities please get in touch.

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  1. Garvey Garvey

    Can y’all afford for her to take a year off, do the FT mom thing as y’all hold out for the perfect workplace opportunity?

  2. k k

    I don’t know what she is looking for..but I applied for a position at St. Cletus in Gretna and I know they are looking for a 4th grade teacher.

  3. Terri Terri

    You know Teach for America is very active in New Orleans and many of the new college graduates who do teach for America find themselves in over their heads in an urban setting without education training beyond a summer workshop. I believe the program has mentor teacher positions to help these new graduates become effective teachers… Perhaps someone with XY’s experience could really make a huge difference with mentoring other teachers.
    Teach For America • Greater New Orleans
    Kira Orange Jones, Executive Director
    Thomas Hayes, Managing Director of Development
    1055 St. Charles Avenue

    Suite 600

    New Orleans, LA 70130
    p 504-648-6900, f 504-648-6991


  4. Lee Lee

    I feel her pain. After this week, I will be out of work. I am filing for unemployment, due to the lack of positions available in our area. I hope that an education can take me out of the struggle I’ve been in for 2 years now.

  5. phil phil

    I think XY should be a professional comedic actress. I’ve always thought that since I first met her in college break dancing at a party. She’s outgoing (to say the least), hilarious, and has the gift of wild improvisation.

    I know, I know, the world needs more passionate teaching professionals. But the world also needs a few laughs.

    Just my two pesos.

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