Xy’s job hunt is in full force. She had a interview at a nearby elementary school last week. Yesterday I came home for lunch to look after the girl for an hour while she did a phone interview with another school. And this morning she went in to teach a sample lesson at the first […]

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Xy got a call today confirming that she’s got a job teaching at Eisenhower Elementary in Algiers. She starts tomorrow morning at 9am. The principal advised her to “wear your dungarees” so we can only assume the school needs some clean-up. School starts on the 14th, half-days at first, with full days in the new […]

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The electricians started work on our house today. Also, the plumber got the city inspector to come by and certify us for getting our gas service restored. Also, Xy made the cut. She was amongst the 200 teachers (out of over a thousand applicants) who got called back for an interview (for one of 60 […]

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Xy went to a job screening today. It seems there are hundreds of teachers competing for 60 jobs in the newly chartered schools in the Algiers neighborhood. As a first step, they seem to be weeding out the bulk of applicants with an essay and a battery of math questions. They plan to whittle the […]

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