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Eight Months

What a month it’s been. You came down with your first bug a few weeks ago; you’ve still got a cough and a runny nose, but the doctor says that’s not unusual.

You’ve got four teeth now, with a fifth one coming in, and they are sharp. This morning you were nursing at your mother’s breast and you bit her. Ouch. She didn’t appreciate that. I started singing,

vampiresa mujer,
estoy impresionada cuando
se ven vampiresada,

as I rocked you back to sleep with a bottle. We’re all out of your mother’s frozen milk, so your bottles are filled with formula these days.

You’re ticklish now. I can make you laugh pretty easily.

You had your first taste of pomegranate. And Michael actually bought you a pomegranate tree, which we’ve planted in front of the house.

But I suppose the biggest news is that you’ve learned to sit up on your own.


That’s pretty cool, but I was even more impressed by a trick you recently learned. I can put my cap on your head, and you will reach up with both hands and pull it off. Sounds simple but for some reason it seems to be like a huge development. You’re happy to repeat this again and again. You never get bored with it — and neither do I.

We finally got your name straight with the state. So we’re having a naming ceremony (a saining) soon. Your friends can check out the event details and RSVP if they’d like to join us.

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  1. Courtney Courtney

    Oh Bart, she is way too beautiful. I have not posted since ya’ll bugged out during Gustav (? hope I got the right hurricane) but I read you daily. Miss Persephone is really precious! I hope that she gets to grow up in New Orleans. I wish that I could have raised my chillen’s there. Good luck, and thanks for the pics. Please let us see more! She does look like you and as you said you must be cute too (one of my favortie posts from you). My best to all 3 of ya’ll. I would love an update on your parents, are they still joining the Peace Corps?

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