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Pomegranate Season


Pomegranates are back in season. I picked up a couple at the store this past week and peeled one for breakfast this morning. Delicious.

Of course I wanted to share with Persephone, so I devised a method. I take a kernel between thumb and forefinger and squeeze it inside her mouth. The kernel explodes and she gets a mouthful of juice. I’m careful to hold onto the seed, though they’re small enough I don’t think she’d choke.

She seems to love the flavor.

I’ve been throwing the seeds into Craig’s yard. Maybe we’ll have some pomegranate trees in a few years.

Persephone's First Pomegranate

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  1. It’s probably a little early to start buying Persephone jewelry, but you should check out the pomegranate necklace at Blue Alligator Jewelry down at Canal Place. You can get your Xmas shopping for 2024 done early.

  2. It’s never too early to start buying jewelry!

    And if I haven’t said so before, she is a total cutie.

  3. julesb_town julesb_town

    mmmmm our kids love pomegranates! Half the fun for them is getting all those seeds out 🙂

  4. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    If you have a sunny part of your yard that has a good north wind block like a building or shed the pomes do well down here. Papayas and Hass avocados have the same m.o.

    The papayas give you a reward the first year. The alligator pairs take 5-7 years from seed. Never did a pome from seed but got a sapling over at Bantings on the westbank.

    Are there other uses for the pome seeds?

    Thanks for the great post.

  5. My spouse likes them in vodka.

  6. I luuuuuurrrrvvvvv pomegranates!

  7. VR VR

    Bart, did you know? The word “pomegranate” in Spanish is “granada”, like the city in southern Spain (a must-see travel destination IMO). Also curious: “hand grenade” in Spanish “granada de mano”. Aah, yes.

  8. Sherry Sherry

    And … “pomegranate” in ancient and modern Hebrew is “rimmon”; the same as the modern Hebrew word for “hand grenade” …

  9. Scottica Scottica

    That is so cute…you guys are great parents. I hope we can come down and see the happy family someday.

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