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Part of me wanted to get back home to New Orleans and gloat over the fact that we appear to have power while most of the city does not.

But I didn’t relish the idea of sitting in traffic with two million other evacuees all trying to get back home at the same time.

So when we got the news yesterday that neither Xy’s school nor mine will reopen until Monday, our evacuation turned into an evacucation. We decided to run up to Indiana for a few days and visit family. What the hell, it’s only 522 miles from Tuscaloosa, and we have four new tires.

So now we’re here. This is the first time I’ve been back to Indiana since we returned to New Orleans in November of 2005. Thus ends my life’s longest absence from the Mystical State.

If you’re game, meet us at the Upland Thursday night around 8 PM.

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  1. alice wolfson alice wolfson

    Hey Bart and Christy,

    When I heard Gustav was headed to NOLA, I thought I’d check your blog to read the real news about it. Glad to hear the storm wasn’t as bad as Katrina. At least it blew you guys up to Bloomington-“back home again in Indiana” as the song goes. I hope to make it to Upland-too bad Persephone isn’t 21, I’d like to meet her.

    Alice who is still recovering from the disappointment of not meeting Mellencamp during that freezing day in Jan. when you documented his performance on Kirkwood

  2. julesb_town julesb_town

    Shoot! Will be there in spirit- would love to meet you all one day 🙂 actually I met XY back in HS at a track meet- she was a hoot. When I started watching J&B on the rox I recognized her as that witty gal I had met one day in HS 🙂
    have a nice evacucation- glad to hear your porch light is on.

  3. Chrissie & Spab: The girl seems to travel well, all things considered, but she’s teething. So she’s been fussier than usual the last week. Not to mention snottier, and I’m not speaking metaphorically.

  4. […] do it on some future holidays to visit family. This year we felt like we’d done our quota of travel to Indiana courtesy of Gustav. The girl’s too young to appreciate the trip now anyway, and she’s […]

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